Attachment View Notifications

We’ll let you know when your prospect opens your attachment

Docalytics Attachmemnt View Notifications

Engagement Reports

See which pages prospects read and how much time they spent on each

Docalytics Engagement Reports

Forward Tracking

Find true decision makers by seeing who your attachments are
forwarded to and how those new prospects engage

Docalytics Engagement Reports

Version & Content Control

Have new versions of old documents you’ve already sent?
With Docalytics, you can replace old collateral with new versions or disable access at any time.

Docalytics Engagement Reports

Inbox Integration

Don’t log in and out of numerous applications…
Use Docalytics to send tracked attachments and see prospect engagement right from your inbox.

Docalytics Engagement Reports

Web-Based Document Viewer

Bring your content onto the web and remove barriers to read

Docalytics Web/Mobile/Tablet Viewer
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