Docalytics Solutions & Use Cases

For Marketing

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Marketing Use Cases

1.  Replacing Gated Download Forms

Gated forms are a barrier to entry for your readers and lead to high bounce rates. By removing the gated form and utilizing Docalytics' Inline Progressive Lead Capture the reader can engage with your content and build trust for your brand, then enter their information as they continue reading the document.

2.  Tracking Documents in Email Marketing & Promotions

You send emails with links to documents, either as attachments or after a landing page. You may know which leads are opening the emails and clicking the links, but that's where the tracking ends. Docalytics allows you to send these emails with Custom Tracking URLS right to documents, and see how each individual prospect engages with the document. For more info on sending documents with email, check out this Blog Post.

3.  Amplifying Social Distribution

Distributing your documents across social media channels via Docalytics allows you to track user interest and engagement at a single point (via published document URL), and makes the content more sharable with auto-filled thumbnails, meta data, and summary information. Docalytics' document viewer's sharing tools also make readers more likely to distribute & share your content.

4.  Marketing Automation & Nurturing Workflows

Including links to your Docalytics documents in lead nurturing workflows increases visibility into workflow conversion & effectiveness. You can also use tracking data to determine the workflow path and better track document viewing activity in that workflow. You can also enrich the data you have on all your prospects who engaged with your documents - learn more about our 3rd Party Integrations.

5.  Webinars & Presentations

Distributing slide decks as a Docalytics document prior, during, or after a webinar / live presentation allows you to track specific user engagement and follow-on interest from your webinar or presentation campaigns, and gives you more visibility into their long-tail effectiveness.

6.  PPC / Advertisement / Paid Promotion to Content

Using Docalytics with paid ads/promotion, and driving prospects directly into a Docalytics document with or without Inline Progressive Lead Capture form fields allows you to remove points of friction and increase lead conversion (replacing landing pages / gated content).