Docalytics for Marketing

Document Tracking & Lead Gen, Simplified

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Data & Insights from your Content

Let our tracking and packaged insights help you market and sell more effectively.

Never again ask "Did they actually read it?" — Docalytics tracks everything you want to know about your prospects' and customers' interactions in your downloadable content, and presents it to you in a way that is actionable.

Docalytics Analtyics
Learn more about advanced analytics and content tracking in the Insight Engine™ Overview.

Web-ify Your Downloadable Content

Upload to Docalytics for better distribution and web-like analytics.

Our web/tablet/mobile viewer lets your readers view your content online right in their web browser, with nothing to download and no barriers to entry. As they engage, Docalytics tracks all their activity to help you better sell to that individual prospect and understand how your reader base is engaging across all your content.

Docalytics Process
Learn more about the Docalytics marketing platform in the Marketing Features section.

Marketing Automation's New Best Friend

Our platform fits right into your process and works with your existing systems.

It's a match made in heaven. Our customers are increasing the value of their existing investment in Marketing Automation by implementing Docalytics content insights and analytics. Docalytics’ plugs right into major Marketing Automation Platforms & CRM, including Salesforce®, Hubspot, and Marketo®. Access a prospect’s full engagement history right from their contact record to fully understand their interests, motives, and behavior.

Docalytics 3rd Party Connections
Read more about third-party platform support in the Marketing Integrations section.
Be sure to check out the full Docalytics for Marketing Solutions & Use Cases page, the Insight Engine™ overview, and the Marketing Integrations pages to see everything that Docalytics for Marketing has to offer. If you like what you've seen so far, why not Request a Demo to see it in action and learn more!