Web-Based Document Viewer

Bring your content onto the web and remove barriers to read

Traditional document download requirements impact mobile & desktop engagement. Serving your content to your readers through the Docalytics web/tablet/mobile viewer makes it easier for them to engage, removes barriers like slow data connections and plugin-dependencies, and makes all of your content accessible and linkable just like a web page.

Docalytics Web/Mobile/Tablet Viewer

Inline Progressive Lead Capture

Gated forms are ineffective and don't build trust with your brand

Docalytics Progressive Lead Capture allows you to perform lead generation during the document reading process, removing bulky gated forms. This creates efficiencies in sales by allowing marketers to delay the request of identifiable information, so that prospects can first qualify themselves based on the relevancy of the content.

Docalytics Progressive Inline Lead Gen

End of Document Call-to-Actions

Continue the conversation after your prospect or customer finishes reading

Use branded, customized call-to-actions to help prospects take the next step and facilitating key actions. This keeps prospect's attention at the point of interest, and allows them to learn more about company offerings and move them closer to sals.

Docalytics End of Document Call-to-action

Increased Content Reach & Control

Finally, gain control over how your documents are consumed and shared

Docalytics gives you fine-grained control over how your documents are consumed, accessed, and distributed. These features include access restriction and print/download control, and enabling social sharing options for each document to increase sharing activity and reach of your content.

Docalytics Increased Content Reach & Control

Custom URLs and Campaigns

Track known prospects and segment outreach for easier reporting

Leveraging Docalytics' custom URL parameters, you can send document links to known users or as part of outbound campaigns and see detailed information about how those users engaged and how/where the content is being shared. Campaign segmentation allows you to gain visibility into the origin of engagements and close the loop on ROI calculation and sales attribution.

Docalytics Custom URLs & Campaigns

Get Your Content in Front of the Sales Team

Ensure knowledge and usage of your high-value content

Creating valuable content for your brand is only half the battle - if your sales team isn't using the content, you are leaving money on the table. With Docalytics for Marketing + Docalytics for Sales, your marketing team can push brand assets right to your sales team, where they can access and leverage from their inboxes. The best part: the analytics roll up the marketing team to evaluate for superb visiblity.

Get Your Content in Front of the Sales Team
Be sure to check out the full Docalytics for Marketing Solutions & Use Cases page, the Insight Engine™ overview, and the Marketing Integrations pages to see everything that Docalytics for Marketing has to offer. If you like what you've seen so far, why not Request a Demo to see it in action and learn more!