Insight Engine

Actionable Insights from your Documents

Sell and Market More Effectively

Docalytics Insight Engine™ gives you visibility into how your customers and prospects are engaging with your marketing & sales documents so you can do your job better.

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Stop making assumptions about your customers & prospects

Docalytics Insight Engine™ can show you how your prospects are engaging with your content, and provides you with a suite of insights and analytics to help customize your outreach and tailor the conversation to each individual prospect. No more guessing if they read a document, or which sections were of interest to them.

Tracked User Reports At a Glance

  • User Content Tracking Content Tracking
    Complete tracking and visibility into the content pieces your prospects are engaging with allows you to see the full picture of their interest. Quickly and easily identify their actions, interest areas, and behavior.
  • Per Page Heatmaps and Tracking Page-by-page Detail
    Engagement is tracked down to the specific page to help you get actionable data about the sections of content your prospects are interested in. Granular data such as time on page, link clicks, print/download/share activities, and even mouse activity heatmapping are included.
  • User Engagement Scoring Engagement Scoring
    Each individual prospect is scored based on actions within your documents (view time, sharing, link clicks, repeat views, etc). This gives you a quick and easy way to identify high-value prospects, and this score can be shared with your Marketing Automation System as part of your overall lead scoring strategy.

Take the guesswork out of optimizing your content and increasing ROI

Producing good content is hard - especially when you have no way to capture metrics around how it's performing. Docalytics Insight Engine™ gives you the tools you need to see how your content pieces are performing across your reader base, so you can tell what is working and what isn't. Even better, the insights provided help you understand the changes to make for better, more engaging content.

Document Performance and Campaign Metrics for Marketers
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